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Published: 30th December 2009
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How to Value Your Australian Coin Collection Accurately and All By Yourself?

If you've got some Australian coins or notes, and are looking to find out what they're worth, I suggest that you read this.

There are four variables that affect the value of a coin or note - Age is not included as very ancient coins can sometimes be quite inexpensive.

1. Supply - how many are available now? How many coins were minted? Many silver dollars were melted down for silver bullion making the numbers much less.

2. Demand - how many coin collectors want this issue? Many rare US coins and currency are in high demand because so many more collectors want them now.

3. Condition - what is the grade of a coin or currency? Grading Coins . to Determine Coin Value

4. Bullion or exchange value - what is the current price of silver or gold? The value of coins minted with higher precious metal content goes up faster than others of the same denomination.

Accurately valuing an Australian Coin Collection requires knowable of Australia's numismatic history and these subjects.

" " Australia's Gold Coins: Sovereigns and Half Sovereigns

" " How To Tell Where Your Sovereign Is Made

" " Commonwealth (Pre Decimal) Coins

" " How To "Grade" Your Coins

" " Decimal Coins - Pocket Change Lottery!

" " Commonwealth (Pre Decimal) Notes

" " Condition: How to "Grade" A Banknote

" " Paper Decimal Banknotes

" " Polymer Decimal Banknotes

" " How to Get The Best Price When Selling Your Coins and Notes

" " The Leading Numismatic Dealers and Auctioneers in Australia

" " A Resource List (For Much More Information)

" " Clubs and Societies

" " How To Clean Your Coins

" " How To Get Your Coins and Notes Organized

" " Getting A Valuation - Informal or Written

" ANDA Trade Shows: Australia's Leading Dealers Under One Roof

A collection of good quality Australian coins can certainly make a sound investment for the astute collector. It can be demonstrated that over the last 40 -50 years some coins have increased in value almost 200 fold, or better than a 13% annual increase. The coins can also make fantastic family heirlooms as well giving the opportunity to own a piece of Australian history. Their are also considerable tax advantages to investing in currency and in Australia coin investments are approved for superannuation funds.

Do you know if you have any of these Australian coins in your collection?

" " The $1 coin worth at least $200;

" " The $1 note worth a minimum of $400;

" " The $20 note worth between $400 and $24,500;

" The plastic $10 note worth up to $2,000;

" " The plastic $5 note worth up to $2,000;

" " The 20 cent coin worth between $100 and $2,500;

" " The 50 cent piece worth a minimum of $4 (there were 36 million produced!)

" " The Penny worth a bare minimum of $5,000;

" " The Half Penny worth upwards of $400;

" " The Three pence worth at least $2,000;

" " The Florin worth upwards of $100;

" " The Half Sovereign worth at least $10,000;

" " The Sovereign worth at the very least $200,000.

This is a list of just a few of the coins and notes you could have in your collection:

Once you know the "key dates" of Australian coins and notes contained, you can start searching your collection straight away to see just how much it's worth.

Now let's say you don't have a rarity in amongst your collection - what about the rest of them? A lot of people don't realize that just because they don't have the ultra rare coins, that doesn't mean their collection is worthless. A whole lot of common coins can still be worth good money.

If you've got more than a jarful of coins or notes, you'll do well to find their value.

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